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2023 Guide to Get Real Estate Leads at $0 - Compete with Zillow & Redfin!

Generating qualified leads is the most important way for real estate agents to grow their business. Unfortunately, generating leads is not only time consuming, but also can be costly if agents are paying for leads through Zillow, Redfin, or other similar platforms.

To reduce reliance on these websites, it’s important for agents to have their own online strategy with a customizable, SEO-optimized public profile that can be shared on social media and found on search engines like Google.

While there are paid solutions available, did you know there is actually a way to get free lead generation? Read below to learn how to create a public profile resulting in free lead generation that competes with Zillow and Redfin.

Free Lead Generation

Many agents are familiar with Zenlist’s best in class collaborative home buying platform, but Zenlist also helps real estate agents get free lead generation! Once signed up for Zenlist, real estate agents get access to a customizable Zenlink public profile. Plus, if you switch jobs between brokerages, your Zenlink will follow you, so you won't have to start from scratch at a new company.

Since Zenlist doesn't charge real estate agents for the leads they generate, agents can generate as many leads as they want through their Zenlink without having to worry about incurring additional costs.

Generating free leads for realtors with public profile page

Edit your public profile for free lead generation

SEO Optimized

Your Zenlink profile is SEO optimized to capture traffic when potential clients search for an agent's name on search engines like Google, and will be your online hub where leads can learn more about you and your services. 

Similar to Linktree, agents can add external links directly on their Zenlink public profile. The difference is that the Zenlink public profile is much more personalized than Linktree and tailored to real estate agents’ needs.

Get Personal

The real estate industry is all about relationships. More often than not clients will select an agent based on their connection. The Zenlink public profile connects agents with leads on a more personal level by allowing them to share a personal video message, bio, profile picture, contact information and more. Adding these personal touches to your Zenlink will help you stand out from other agents and build that connection with clients before even meeting them.

Share Google Reviews

Agents can enhance their credibility with leads by connecting Google reviews to their Zenlink public profile. Google reviews are a valuable resource for people looking for a real estate agent online, as they provide insights and feedback from other customers that can help them make an informed decision. Google reviews are generally seen as being more authentic and unbiased than reviews on other platforms because they are not incentivized or influenced by the business being reviewed.

Public profile page section to get free real estate leads

Real estate agents can share Google reviews on their Zenlink page 

Promote Your Listings

Have listings you want to promote? Zenlist - which connects to your local MLS - will connect your listings to your Zenlink public profile making it easy for leads to view properties online. 

Get Social

Real estate agents can easily add their personal Zenlink URL to their Instagram bio, website, or email signature to increase free lead generation. Zenlist also provides a custom QR code linked to the agent’s Zenlink that can be used on flyers or business cards for clients to quickly scan and connect. 

In addition, Zenlist helps agents with free lead generation by providing a range of marketing materials that agents can use to promote their Zenlink such as social templates, customizable flyers and email templates.

Generating leads at $0 for realtors with online presence

Connect your social media accounts to your Zenlink public profile

Get Started for FREE

Overall, Zenlist is a powerful platform that can help real estate agents with free lead generation and grow their business. With its customizable Zenlink public profiles, free lead generation, and wide range of marketing materials, Zenlist is an invaluable tool for any real estate agent looking to take their business to the next level.

If you're ready to start generating free leads, sign up for Zenlist today and start customizing your Zenlink public profile. With Zenlist, you can take control of your lead generation and grow your business on your own terms.

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